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El Paseo Arts Foundation

The El Paseo Arts Foundation serves the communities Lower Laguna Madre Area by bringing art, concerts, performances and plays to South Padre Island, Port Isabel and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to encourage, support and promote the arts for the benefit and education both of area residents and visitors.  We produce or support a year-long schedule of events including community theater, concerts, performances, local fine arts shows, cultural events focusing on area history and educational events. Become a member of the El Paseo Arts Foundation – help support the arts and culture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Join Us

Join the many others who are supporting the growth of the arts in the Laguna Madre area by joining El Paseo Arts Foundation. To become a member fill out the application below. You may then use the online payment system to select your level of membership and pay. If you prefer to use our downloadable membership form and print your application you may download it by clicking here. Questions regarding membership can be addressed to the email of

Support the Art

Join the many others who are supporting the growth of the arts in the Laguna Madre area by joining the El Paseo Arts Foundation. Click here for membership information. We invite you to enjoy our many performances and activites throughout the year. Bookmark our site for upcoming information and event announcements.

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What Problems Can Be Caused By Receding Gums?

It is a bit of a surprise to find that lots of people don’t even know what having receding gums indicates, however, it’s not truly the type of problem that causes people to tremble in fear or dread going to the dentist. Still, they can trigger numerous annoyances which affect your daily life, or even all-out issues that should be corrected by a dental professional if they’re permitted to persist. Here are a few of the issues that can be caused, if the situation isn’t adequately treated.

Receding Gums Natural Treatment

One of the most common issues caused would be a higher sensitivity in your teeth. You might find that your teeth are much more sensitive to cold and hot than before, or perhaps that they’re more sensitive to different tastes, including spicier foods or sweet drinks and goodies. This is really easily described by the condition, as the recession of the gum line enables the roots of the teeth to become exposed. Nevertheless, that does not make this particular problem any less irritating!

There might be some problems to look at that are also triggered, too. One possible sign is that your teeth may seem somewhat longer than normal because the gums are covering a reduced portion of them than ever before. This is a pretty slight distinction, though, and might go unseen for a while. A general change in the color of teeth may be noticeable, too, and sometimes you will observe a subtle rise in the spaces in between your teeth, as well.

Receding gums are especially harmful due to the subsequent dental hygiene issues that can be caused by them. For example, your gums themselves can become inflamed by this issue because they ultimately will be swollen, red, or inflamed. You might notice much more issues with your gums bleeding, particularly when you brush the teeth, and you can have bad breath.

Moreover, teeth cavities are a bigger danger below the gumline when you’ve got receding gums, as those areas aren’t protected by your gums in the way that they must be. You might not even notice that you’ve them. However, you may develop cavities that you otherwise never would have, due to the decreased amount of coverage.

As you can tell, there are plenty of issues along with severe problems that could be caused by receding gums. It’s something you might not have worried about before, but should keep in mind when it comes to healthy habits and good dental hygiene. However, there are methods to treat them, you still should know that prevention is the perfect medication, and practicing healthy brushing habits, preventing habits including grinding the teeth or chewing tobacco, and taking various other preventative measures is the perfect way to ensure the health of your gums.