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El Paseo Arts Foundation

The El Paseo Arts Foundation serves the communities Lower Laguna Madre Area by bringing art, concerts, performances and plays to South Padre Island, Port Isabel and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to encourage, support and promote the arts for the benefit and education both of area residents and visitors.  We produce or support a year-long schedule of events including community theater, concerts, performances, local fine arts shows, cultural events focusing on area history and educational events. Become a member of the El Paseo Arts Foundation – help support the arts and culture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Join Us

Join the many others who are supporting the growth of the arts in the Laguna Madre area by joining El Paseo Arts Foundation. To become a member fill out the application below. You may then use the online payment system to select your level of membership and pay. If you prefer to use our downloadable membership form and print your application you may download it by clicking here. Questions regarding membership can be addressed to the email of

Support the Art

Join the many others who are supporting the growth of the arts in the Laguna Madre area by joining the El Paseo Arts Foundation. Click here for membership information. We invite you to enjoy our many performances and activites throughout the year. Bookmark our site for upcoming information and event announcements.

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Active Release Chiropractic Techniques – Best Option For Sports Injuries

Almost every bodybuilder and sportsman in the world has likely injured himself. But for all those players these injuries don’t have any side effect except a slight inconvenience for a few days. Often, particularly when you are a strongman player, powerlifter or a competitive player, injuries can extend on for months and also stop them to do further training. Several strength athletes have found long-lasting relief for earlier debilitating injuries through the technique named as Active Release Techniques (ART).

Active Release Chiropractic

What is an active release technique?

ART is a soft tissue chiropractic treatment plan that particularly focuses on the injured area. This treatment option has no side effect, and several people who opt this procedure state that ART treatment is a risk-free massage therapy. It is a movement based method, which is patented. This was designed in the mid 90’s by P. Michael Leahy, a Colorado Chiropractor, DC, CCSP. He invented the process after noticing that his patient’s symptoms were reportedly associated with modifications in the soft tissue that he could feel along with his hand.

Depending on that observation, he started monitoring how the soft tissues like nerves, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and muscles responded to various kinds of soft tissue treatments. After that he created the ART technique that was made from around five hundred various particular moves. It deals with problems of tennis elbow, knee, sciatica, shoulder pain, back pain, nerves and fascia, ligaments, tendons, muscles and many others. Most of these pains are common between strength players such as powerlifters and various other competitive athletes.

How can ART treatment good to choose?

Many of these problems are related to soft tissue injuries that happen in an acute condition like strains, tears, pulls, etc., or even build up of smaller tears triggered by doing the identical movement repeatedly. When these issues occur, they could make the body create dense scar tissue in the affected areas. As a result, players experience a decreased range of motion, a reduction of strength as well as discomfort. When these types of injuries happen in sportsman, especially while playing the game, it can be harmful since they affect their mobility and performance for several days.

So in such conditions, ART therapy is often best for the strength player. It starts with a detailed assessment by a qualified therapist. Its objective is to determine the injury, figure out its intensity and then set up the proper therapeutic program. The big advantage is that the treatments can relieve the problem just after a few sessions. It means no extensive down times.

There have been various research made to find out how efficient ART therapy is for treating injuries regarding the excessive use of the muscles. Most of these studies reveal that ART therapy is extremely powerful in treating sports-related injuries. Of course, therapy like this won’t be 100% successful for everyone. Some traumas tend to be more serious compared to others, are based on other problems, or various other reason it doesn’t work. But, research shows that in more than 80% of the cases studied, ART treatment successfully removed the problem and let all these athletes get back into training. – a well-recognized, experienced and certified Chiropractor offers Active Release Technique in Denver to treat all sorts of sports injuries, moreover restore optimal texture, motion, neck, spinal pain problems. Visit to get more info about Active Release Chiropractic treatment or call at 303-300-0424 for a routine visit.

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Find The Best Solution For Data Recovery

Harddisk Data Recovery is a process that requires complex mechanical and electronic devices and equipment. However it is very important to provide the necessary conditions. Computer hard disks inaccessible due to corruption or deletion, external drives, optical devices, tape cartridges (DLT, DAT, LTO), CD / DVD, USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, xD, CF), as well as electronic data recording media the process of the return of a variety of techniques.

Data Recovery

What is Data?

In almost all cases you will encounter and encounter frequently in informing you about our services or general topics briefly try to explain the logic of the data. As you know, all the media, all data is now “1” and “0” are processed numbers of humanoids. “1” and “0” is the combination of each pair us one bit ‘provides its data. So “11”, “10”, “00” and “01” are each phrase bit.  So, “1101000001111001” consisting of 16 digits, the first byte of data, the figure forms. Of course, almost none of our data is only 1 Bytes occur. In this case, such as KB and MB have to mention the high rate bit sequences.

Now the data store, delete, damage, and more importantly, to explain the logic of data recovery can begin.

How the data will be damaged?

You lose your data completely or partially by are only slight differences between accidental damage. Logical or physical data may become inaccessible. Metal plates and damaging blow to the head, see your disk reader, your DVD will be drawn entirely certain situations, such as regions, physical damage can not be read. Logical damage, the file structure of the disorders, such as accidentally deleted files or software failures encountered in the case described above, and immediately damaging situations can be explained as sequence data.

Data Recovery

Every brand / model hard drive, operating system, file format, data type, whatever the size of disk data recovery main job.

  • Knowledge of the disk that contains the formatting (formatting)
  • Disc can not be read on busy sections (bad sector), the formation of
    which is Information disk partition (Partition) delete
  • Encrypted files inaccessible disks
    disks work as a result of Virus
  • Electronic malfunction as a result failed disks
    physical causes, dropping, impact, liquid contact corruption on the disk partition and MBR records
  • Unexplained failures

Data recovery logic

Data recovery is not as simple as the logic, of course, is expressed in a few lines here. However, trying to explain the basic logic, data recovery and error correction, let’s talk about what it is at the root of the work.

DVD players do not even have purchased a package “error correction” can find expression. Logic is exactly the same and it is a data recovery hardware device located in little earlier rules, and taking into consideration the damage a potential data errors, or who had missing data re-creating the data can be transferred to you without interruption.

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